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Helly Hansen Razora Mid HT Boots Review

Helly Hansen Razora Mid HT Boots

This is the first installment of our Helly Hansen feature reviews and we wanted to start with an item many of you wouldn’t associated with Helly Hansen; namely a pair of boots:






The blend of weight, comfort, protection and grip are mixed to perfection to give you a boot that you really won’t want to leave behind

The founder, Helly Juell Hansen, started producing oilskin clothing back in 1877 with his wife Maren.  Helly Hansen remain firmly rooted in the production of fishing gear for the professional market to this day, however their net casts much wider than this; encompassing everything an avid outdoor adventurer may need.  It’s remarkable to think that from such humble beginnings Helly Hansen has flourished into the global brand of today.  Something I’m sure would be inconceivable to Helly and Maren.

As Helly Hansen are so synonymous with the sea and perhaps also snow sports it seemed opportune to start with something their less known for; namely hiking boots.  The Razora Mid HT boots are classed as a next generation walking shoe for men, a statement which in isolation you could be forgiven for thinking is somewhat throwaway, however based upon their heritage and innovation over the years, this is perhaps something we should all pay attention to.

On paper the Razora Mid Boots read as if they’ve been hewn out of stone are brimming with features.  The holy trinity of Waterproof, Support are Protection are ever present but there’s also lashing of premium quality leather to boot!  When you open the box and release them from their papery slumber, the first thing that strikes you is just how light they are.  I’d suggest these would be considered light for waterproof approach shoes let alone a Mid-Styled hiking boot.  Secondly they look great, not necessarily an essential prerequisite but lets face it we all shop with our eyes, so the fact HH have squeezed a whole host of features into a stylish and lightweight boot scores high in my book.

In fact, the boffins at Helly Hansen obviously have an eye for style as the Razora Mid HT are as stylish a walking boot I’ve seen in some time.  The boot is awash with special features including an ergonomically shaped insole that has C-Zone shock absorption in the heel.

DSC_1787 DSC_1777






This helps spread the shock from toe to heel quicker and making each step more effortless, which is especially great if you’re carry a pack.  Helly Hansen products share a common theme, namely the technologies found in all types of products are reused to good effect.  For example the H2 Flow system found in the Odin is also employed in the insole to ensure temperature is maintained and equalised, leaving you the wearer comfortable.  Not more slippery hot feet in summer.

The toe and heel caps on the boots offer excellent protection from rocks or sharp objects when on the ascent.

DSC_1774 DSC_1781






And finally the outsole design really does give great traction on varied terrain types with great rubber grips to prolong use…







As you’d expect for a brand that has over 130years of experience, Helly Hansen have considered every aspect of the design to make sure the wearer gets the very best from the there purchase.

The boots come several mouthwatering colour schemes, Charcoal (On test), Walnut and Coffee Bean.  With a RRP of £110 for a lightweight waterproof boot of this quality, this offers great value for money.

We’ll be pushing the Razora Mid HT Boots from Helly Hansen to their limited of the coming months, until then please  to the “First Impressions” tab for further information or visit the Helly Hansen Homepage  website for more details.

It’s sometimes difficult to really get to grips with a product based purely on limited use, but basic flaws are always apparent after just a few outings.  We’ve already been leaping across the mountains on more than one occasion in the Razora Mid HT Boots and as yet were not disappointed in any aspect.







When I first picked up the Razora boots, not only was I struck by their weight (or lack of) but also the quality of construction.  Finish, materials, stitching is all superb.

DSC_1783 DSC_1780 DSC_1788











Even the outsole is substantial and robust but doesn’t seem to add anything in terms of weight.







I’m sure many of you have removed your cumbersome boots in favour of a slipper-like pair of comfy trainers after a long slog in the mountains.  Well that’s exactly the feeling you get with the Razora Mid HT Boots from the get-go. They cope admirably with boulders, scree and scrambling on the ascent and eat up the miles when on the descent with glue like traction from the Helly Grip outsoles which just exude confidence.  The toe and heel cap features Helly Wear protection to guard your foot against rocks and sharp objects to great effect.

DSC_1774 DSC_1781






The H2 Flow system that is incorporated in the soles of the boot remains comfortable throughout; no hotspots, overheating or sweaty feet even during prolonged wear, just tempered comfort.  The same system used on the Odin H2 Flow jacket really is a touch of genius and negates the need for sock change







The boot has an ergonomically shaped insole that has the C zone shock absorption system developed by Helly Hansen strategically placed under your heel, the C-Zone ™ absorbs the shock and jumpstarts the transition from heel to toe on impact, making every step more effortless.

DSC_1775 DSC_1777






The boots also utilise the Hellytech performance material which is a proven waterproof and extremely breathable fabric for outerwear and makes certain you stay dry and comfortable throughout your hike.

DSC_1778 DSC_1782






When designing the outsole for these boots Helly Hansen have clearly used all there experience on the mountains and on the stormy sea to provide the best possible grip you can get. The traction on all types of terrain is magnificent and there are strategically placed rubber grips to prolong the use of the boots when they become your new favourite piece of kit.

DSC_1785 DSC_1776







  • Helly Tech Performance Membrane – Waterproof and breathable fabric technology.
  • Premium Quality Leather and Suede
  • Hellywear Protection – Keeps your feet well protected.
  • C-Zone Cushioning – Helping to absorb the shocks of a hike.
  • Premium Eva Mid Sole – Cushioning lightweight comfort and support.
  • H2 Flow insole – Keeps you tempered and comfortable.
  • Helly Grip Rubber – Allows superb grip and high wear.
  • Hellywear Rubber – protection against sharp objects and boulders.

Is a high abrasion TPR/Synthetic material found in all high-wear areas on our shoes. This light-weight, and sturdy application will keep the shoes intact, and your feet well protected against hard and sharp objects for a prolonged period of time.

By combining our experience from stormy water and rough outdoor trail, we have come up with a new outsole material that will provide you with the best grip and durability on wet rocks and trails.

Strategically placed under your heel, the C-Zone ™ absorbs the shock and jumpstarts the transition from heel to toe on impact, making every step more effortless.

With its high cushioning properties and light weight, EVA provides lightweight comfort and support.

Helly Hansen’s proven, waterproof and breathable fabric technology for outerwear now ensures that your feet stay dry and fresh.

We didn’t want to throw the box away as it was so pleasing to the eye…

DSC_1785 DSC_1784







I have been surprised and pleased in equal measure with how well these boots have performed. The blend of weight, comfort, protection and grip are mixed to perfection to give you a boot that you really won’t want to leave behind.  It will be interesting to see how they perform long-term, but suffice to say I can’t wait to do extra mileage…








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