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LED Lenser SE07R First Impressions

LED Lenser SE07

We’re really excited about the SEO® 7R LED headlamp we’ve received from our friends at LED Lenser


If you’re after a stylish, lightweight, functional headlamp which is brighter than a comet then take a long hard look at the LED LENSER® SEO Series…

LED Lenser have a world wide reputation when it comes to producing flashlights and head-torches for the domestic and professional markets alike.  The LED LENSER® SEO Series is aimed at perhaps a younger more style conscious audience and is certainly a break from the standard livery of their existing products.  Available in several models and colours there’s plenty of choice for everyone.  However, don’t be fooled by the candy colours and cool exterior, this is a SERIOUS piece of kit.

The lamps within the SEO range break down into three primary models, the SEO3, SEO5 and SEO7 R.  To say the SEO3 is their entry level model wouldn’t do it justice in that it’s maximum output in 90lumens with a beam range of 90m.  Pretty impressive!  At the other end of the spectrum is the mighty SEO7R which is rated at an staggering 220lumens, with a beam range of 130m.  Not only that but it also comes with a set of ‘AAA’ Batteries as well as a rechargeable power pack, USB lead and 13amp plug.

Prices range from £39.99 – £79.99 respectively which is very competitive when you take into account features, functionality and output.  The SEO range are no one trick pony either, with their multi-power modes, including a minimal output red LED and bike friendly power saving flashing modes (phew!) you’ll be reaching for one of these beauties for more often than you’d think.

Until  we’ve tested the SEO7R in detail, refer the the “First Impressions” tab for further information or visit the LED Lenser website for more details.


Having used LED Lenser products in the past from the Police Tech, P7 and P14 flashlights I’m already familiar with the quality of their wares, however you can’t but fail to be impressed with the SEO® 7R LED headlamp.  It’s jammed packed full of features and comes with everything you need, now and into the future.

In Detail

LED Lenser’s® new SEO7R Rechargeable Head Lamp incorporates a CREE® LED light chip with its power supply generated from a Lithium battery** pack via a Mains/USB Charger.  Featuring an anti-allergic, washable, and replaceable headband designed for comfort. LED Lenser SEO Head Lamps are the ideal companion for those that require stylish powerful lighting.

**It’s also capable (and supplied with) of using ‘AAA’ batteries which makes it massively flexible if you’re running out of power

The SEO® 7R utilises a CREE® Power LED light chip








producing a stunning 220 lumens in full power mode








Down to the 20lumen mode of the red LED








With Smart Light Technology™ and the patented Advanced Focus System™ which allows you to choose between flood and focused beam patterns for directional lighting.  It also incorporates LED Lenser’s innovative Optisense™ Active Light Measurement Technology where light output adjusts automatically to the required level.  I’ve tested this feature briefly and it works remarkable well; a truly useful feature which I’m sure aids power consumption as well ensuring you have just the right about of illumination.  It also incorporate a handy transport lock to prevent the head lamp accidentally switching on








The main beam also benefits from a high, medium, low and flash mode giving more than enough scope for most situations, as well as extending the potential applications for which this great piece of kit can be applied.  Not only that, but the low powered (20lumen!) red LED also flashes if required.

The on-off switch is easy to operate and located in the usual position, on top of the device itself








There’s a nifty little carabiner on the side of the strap for securing about your person, to a belt loop or pack.








  • Rechargeable
  • SMART Light Technology (SLT)
  • Advanced Focus System (AFS)
  • Rotating head
  • Optisense Technology
  • Glare-Free red LED light
  • Exchangeable headband
  • Carabiner
  • Transport securing mechanism
  • High comfort level
  • Low weight








  • 1x battery pack
  • 1x charger
  • 1x washable headband
  • Carabiner
  • Operating instructions

Not only that, it also comes with x3 ‘AAA’ batteries.  So if the ‘Test It’ button hasn’t been abused, you’ll get plenty of use from those too!








If you’re after a stylish, lightweight, functional headlamp which is brighter than a comet then take a long hard look at the LED LENSER® SEO Series.  The SEO7R we’ve passed between our grubby little paws has impressed everyone who’s tried it here at WalkHikeClimb and the possible applications are many.

At £79.99 RRP is well priced and punches well above its weight.  Kudos LED LENSER!









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