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OMRON Jog Style Activty Monitor Review

Omron Jog Style Pedometer

The Omron Jog Style activity monitor is great little device for monitoring, measuring and timing your workouts.  Now don’t be fooled into thinking this is a basic pedometer, it’s much more versatile than that.

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The new Jog Style is the latest innovation from Omron Healthcare.  It has been developed to combine all the elements of a traditional pedometer with the added ability to measure jogging and running activity as well.  It is a perfect partner if you are looking to start running and you want to know what your progress is or if you are already a runner but you find that you don’t want to use a heart rate monitor.

The Jog Style can be taken with you where ever you go it works as a pedometer tracking your daily steps taken and energy used, then with one touch of the start button it begins to record your running activity, running time; distance travelled (in km); average speed; and Kcal burned are measured.  The Jog Style is extremely easy to use just input your personal information, weight, height and stride length and the Jog Style does the rest.

If you want to maintain a healthy heart and shed a few pounds, the Omron Jog Style could really help make a difference.

The Jog Style translate perfectly in the gym also, providing the same level of details you’d expect out on the road.  In “Workout Off” mode it’ll track your steps too, so perfect for tracking progress on a Stairmaster; which happens to be one of our favourite cardio stations here at WalkHikeClimb.

It’s worth noting that all distance measurements are metric NOT imperial.

With the attachment options, there’s no problem clipping it to your shorts, top or just putting it in a pocket.

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If you’re after a simple, cost effective and easy to use activity monitor this ticks quite a number of boxes.  Our running expert Steph has been trailing the Omron Jog Style and will be reporting over the coming months.  For further information refer to the “First Impressions” tab or visit the Omron website for details and purchase:

OMRON Jog Style

If you’re looking to loose weight, improve your fitness or just keep track of your daily activity having a device to measure and store this information can be really handy.  The Omron Jog Style combines all of the usual Pedometer features with added bonus of jogging or running activity.

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The installed (trial) battery was already a little depleted in the sample we received, however thanks to fact Omron provide you with a little screwdriver to open the battery compartment, as well as the fact it uses CR2032 button cells, changing the battery was simply and fuss free







Setting up the device is straight forward also, you initially have to enter details about yourself such as

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Stride Length
  • And Time

Once this has been completed, you’re ready to go!  What could be simpler.

There are a couple of options is terms of attachment, most obvious of which is the belt holster

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With the strap and security tab you’re also protected in the unlikely even the unit becomes loose which prevents it dropping to the floor.  If you don’t wish to use the belt clip it’s possible to simply put the device in a jacket / shirt pocket (thanks to the 3D Sensor) again using the strap and security strap to prevent loss or damage through impact.

The display is bright and clear, even is bright sunlight, however there is no backlight should light start to fail.  The buttons are also very clear and easy to operate.







During your workout it’s possible to view (Mode Button) Workout Time / Distance and Workout Calories / Average Speed

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Daily Steps Counted / 24hr Time and Daily Addition Calories / Fat Burned

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The memory function automatically stores measurements for each day (Calories burned, fat burned, number of steps) but are reset to Zero each day.  Workout time, distance, workout calories burned and average speed are not reset.

Now one point to make is that the Jog Style does not include a HRM / HRM Strap.  It is possible to estimate calories burnt without a HRM, however this doesn’t account for workout intensity I.E. increase / decrease of HR during workout.  For most of us I don’t believe this is an issue, this device will help you keep track of your progress without all the faffing of HRM straps; we’re not all elite athletes.  It’s equally important to maintain weight, a balanced diet and regular exercise.

I don’t believe HRM’s actually measure calories burnt directly anyway, they estimate based upon HR and oxygen consumption.  So good levels of accuracy but still not a direct measurement!

With a RRP of £59.95 this is good value for money and provides a more than adequate level of detail for most users and applications.  If you’re looking to keep track of daily activity and workout details in a simple package this could well be the device for you.

There doesn’t appear to be any weather proofing, however as the Jog Style works just as well in a jacket pocket this doesn’t necessarily pose a major problem, but it would be a nice addition as would a backlight.  In addition to this all distance measurements are metric NOT imperial.  It’s straight forward enough to do a conversion and if you utilise the Stride Length Measurement Mode, on a track for example, metric distances would apply anyway.  That said, would be nice to switch between metric / imperial.

DSC_1850 DSC_1853







  • Jog /Aerobic Mode

    Keep track of your data for a specific jogging session or workout

  • Jog Time

    Quickly and easily check how long you have been jogging

  • Calories Burned

    Knowing your additional energy consumption as a result of your daily activities

  • Burned Fat

    By measuring the intensity of your activity, the unit can calculate the amount of fat burned in a day

  • Average Speed

    Quickly and easily check how fast you ran on average during a jogging session

  • 3D Sensor

    3D Accelerometer Sensor. Detects movements in three directions.

  • Daily Steps

    Steps taken during the day

  • Distance

    Records how far you have gone

  • Memory

    Keep track of your data

  • Clock Included

    A 24 hour digital clock is included

  • Jog style
  • Clip
  • Strap
  • 3V Lithium Battery Type CR2032
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual

DSC_1838 DSC_1839







For the price and features this is a great little device which will provide more than enough information for the average user.  It’s well made, simply to use with a clear and bright display.  As it’s so small you don’t even notice you’re wearing it, so there’s no excuse not to keep track of just how well you’re doing!  If you want to maintain a healthy heart and shed a few pounds, the Omron Jog Style could really help make a difference.








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