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Primus Lite+ Compact Stove First Impressions

The Lite+ from Primus sets a new standard for compact all-in-one stoves.


The unique locking mechanism (patent pending) makes it very sturdy and thanks to the Laminar Flow Burner Technology (patent pending), the stove has a lower burner than would otherwise be possible, resulting in a more stable, lighter and compact stove.

Perfect for the solo trip or a coffee break for two – with the optional coffee press it makes two cups of fresh coffee in a handful of minutes!

The stove and all accessories, including a 100-gram gas cartridge, fit into the 500 ml hard anodized aluminium pot.  For 2015 Lite+ comes with a new heat resistant sleeve in durable G-1000 with felt lining. The sleeve also features a webbing handle with the added ability to use the stove hanging. The lid cuts cooking time and keeps all the parts securely in place in your backpack – and can also be used as a mug. Lite+ includes a foot support for added stability on uneven surfaces and a suspending cord. Gas is not included.

In brief – the new Primus Lite+: 

  • Highly fuel efficient
  • Unique Triangle Joint locking mechanism (patent pending)
  • Laminar Flow Burner Technology (patent pending)
  • Lower centre of gravity so more stable, lighter and compact unit
  • Heat resistant sleeve – available in 5 colours
  • Webbing handle so you can use the stove while suspended
  • Everything packs into the 500ml hard anodised aluminium pot with integrated heat exchanger and wind protection
  • Includes a foot support for added stability on uneven surfaces and a suspending cord to use with the webbing handle when hanging the stove
  • Can opt for a coffee press too (for an extra £9) so that you can enjoy fresh coffee anytime
  • SRP: £110

Checkout the Primus website for more details

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