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AKU Trekking and Outdoor Footwear

What happened with AKU PLUS_the zero impact project, is that we shared a common view with Dani.

AKU Trekking and Outdoor Footwear WalkHikeClimb
When you live your life respecting nature and the environment you will always find others that share your values. Dani Sustainable Leather was the first to develop Zero Impact leather using a cutting-edge process that replaces chrome and heavy metals during tanning, reduces the level of CO2 emitted by 5% and cuts the remainder to zero thanks to certified reforestation operations.
An exclusive first for AKU in the outdoor footwear sector by choosing Zero Impact leather by Dani Sustainable Leather for the linings of its models in the AKU PLUS family. Moving in this direction for some time now, AKU takes another step forward along the road of sustainability which started with the commitment on raw material traceability of it’s European suppliers.


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