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Flamers Fire Lighters

Now summer is upon us and faint whiff of BBQ drifts across the UK, rather than reaching for nasty chemical lighter fuel to get your BBQ going why not choose something a little more… natural.

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Men all over the UK will be reigniting the palaeolithic beast within and learning to ancient art of fire making.  Flamers from “Certainly Wood” are a great alternative to the liquid lighter fuel:

Firewood, Kindling and Log Storage Suppliers to the UK

Certainly Wood is a family business with a strong focus on ‘British’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Premium quality’ and ‘Customer care’. We are the largest specialist firewood producer in the UK having pioneered a kiln drying process over ten years ago. We are in fact the ‘inventors’ of kiln dried firewood and recommended by most UK stove manufacturers and distributors. We are also the first company to be approved by HETAS under their new Solid Biomass Assurance Scheme. We supply a range of products from premier kiln dried firewood and kindling to log stores and other wood related products.

All our firewood and kindling is from sustainable British woodland, locally sourced from within a 60 mile radius. We only supply hardwood which we regard as the best value firewood. We pride ourselves on premium quality products and an excellent, friendly and knowledgeable service for deliveries across the UK. This season we will process and kiln dry over 16,000 tonnes of British firewood and over 2,000 tonnes of British poplar kindling.

Available in boxes of 24 or 50, these are loved by all because they are natural, odourless, easy to light and have a long burn.

Flamers Fire Lighters WalkHikeClimb






Certainly Woods’ Flamers Natural Firelighters are untreated wax dipped fine wood shavings.  They are easy to light and have a strong, long burn.  They are great for using n wood burning stoves, fireplaces, charcoal grills (BBQs) and any other kind of wood fire.

Flamers Fire Lighters WalkHikeClimb






So if you value your eyebrows, why not give Flamers a try!

For more information about Flammers and the other products available, checkout the Certainly Wood website:

Certainly Wood

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