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Nuun Hydration Tabs Review

We were lucky enough to sent a selection of electrolyte enhanced drinking tablets from our friends at Nuun.  With plenty of flavours to choose from, such as Fruit Punch and Grape

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb






Through to my favourite which was Triberry

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb






This single samples are great for taking to the gym, on a cycle ride or even up into the mountains.  Before we move on to the all important taste test, lets hear a few words from the guys over at Nuun.

Nuun is leading the way in portable hydration with three drink options to keep you refreshed and replenished all day, everyday. All three are ideal to help keep you hydrated and to make the most of the water you drink.

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb











You Sweat – Nuun Active Hydration Replenishes

Electrolyte enhanced drink tabs designed to keep you optimally hydrated wherever your active lifestyle takes you.

  • Packed with electrolytes, light flavor, no sugars or carbs, and portable, Nuun Active Hydration is the perfect sports drink.
  • The electrolytes found in Nuun will help alleviate cramps, help muscles function, communicate and burn energy efficiently.
  • Nuun Active Hydration comes in 12 flavors: Orange, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Kona Cola, Lemon Tea, Tri-Berry, Grape, Tropical, Citrus Fruit, Watermelon, and Lemonade.

With twelve different flavours available, there’s plenty to keep your taste buds occupied as well as accommodate those the fussiest of palates.  We loved all the flavours sent to us, especially the Triberry but even the old firm favourites such as Orange

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb






And Lemon and Lime

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb






Nuun Active Hydration drink tabs are portable, taste great, and deliver a fast-absorbing electrolyte blend without the sugar or waste of bottled sport drinks.

The electrolytes that your body needs: Each tube of Nuun contains 12 tablets. Each tablet makes 16 oz. of Nuun, and delivers 360 mg Sodium / 100 mg Potassium / 25 mg Magnesium / 13 mg Calcium

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb






Nothing that you don’t: Less than 1g of carbs, fewer than 8 calories. No sugar. No high-fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavors or colors.

Good for the Earth: One tube prevents the manufacture of up to twelve 16oz plastic bottles from sugar-ADE sport drinks.

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb






Keeping hydrated is extremely important, especially during periods of high intensity; we’ve found recovery is greatly improved and cramps minimised with drinks containing electrolytes.  Although sweat rate is the most basic and accurate way to keep tabs on your hydration needs, there are other factors to consider. Training or participating in activities at altitude increases your fluid losses and therefore increases your fluid needs. Excessive heat increases fluid loss through sweating. During moderate exercise in a cool climate an average person can lose up to 1 cup or more per hour. The same individual can lose up to four times that amount per hour in a hot and humid climate. And cold weather exercise can impair your ability to recognize fluid depletion and increase the rate of fluid-loss through respiration. So no matter what kind of weather you’re in, optimal hydration is your key to health and high-performance.

Next time you’re going to the gym, into the great outdoors or out for a spin on your bike, pop one of the Nuun Active Hydration tabs into your drinking bottle…

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb






Nuun have a whole range of products so be sure to checkout their website for further details

Nuun Hydration Tabs Review WalkHikeClimb

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