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Over Board Dry Bags

Overboard Dry Bags

Overboard Products to keep our world dry

The Story

It all began on the beaches of Thailand and Australia – back in 2006. Having been friends since uni, Dan and Joel – that’s us – had quit the rat race and slipped on our flip-flops to spend six months on an epic beach, boat, surf and scuba holiday.

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For weeks we fought to keep our technology, valuables and clothes safe from the impact of water and sand. And finally light dawned – what we needed was a totally trustworthy waterproof bag that guarantee us piece of mind without slowing us down. More than that, if this was our need it had to be true for thousands of others too.

“The Dan and Joel commitment has been simple – to combine good looking, high quality value-for-money gear with 100% waterproof protection.”

Back home, even before our tans had faded, we were researching, designing, innovating and producing our first prototypes – the perfect dry bags. And they became our first OverBoard products.

The response from friends, family and a growing band of highly satisfied customers spurred us on and so the range had to grow. More colours, sizes and solutions to protect everything from phones and iPads to emergency supplies – from the ravages of water, snow, dirt and sand.

Fast forward and today we are the leaders in waterproof bags and cases, with customers and distributors in over 70 countries. Sure, it’s been hard work – but there are perks. Not only do we test everything in the factory, the ultimate trial is in real life situations, ideally with the sun beating down. And somebody has to do it!

…Keep it dry!

When you spend time looking through all the items that Over Board now produce the list is extensive to say the least. They cover all aspects of the outdoor life at sea and on land, with that sole and simple purpose of keeping things dry and safe.

Anyone that has spent time camping in the UK in particular, will be all to aware of how hard it can be to keep all the essentials dry until the point you need to use them. This is where Over Board come in to there own, if its a dry bag to keep clothes in for camping, ropes in for climbing or everything in when out on the water then its covered, literally. You could use everything from camera and I pad cases to duffel and back packs or even panniers and Kayak SUP bags….its all in the range.

The price point of the items as well is well within the bounds of affordability for products that are built to last the rigours of whatever outdoor adventure you indulge. For me personally the amount of investment I make in camera equipment and telecommunications then the waterproof cases on offer are a snip when compared to the cost of replacement of said items…it really is a no brainer.

For more about Over Board visit: Over Board web site

Pro-Vis 60 Litre Waterproof Duffel Bag

There a number of variations on the Waterproof duffel bag by Over Board but the version we have been looking at the Pro Vis 60 Litre variant…bold, bright and big…
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Make no mistake when you first unwrap the bag from its packaging you will be taken by just how substantial and robust this bag is. The pro vis version also will make sure whatever time of day it is you will be seen with the 100% waterproof High Visibility Orange roll-top Waterproof Duffel Bag which gives you full protection you would expect against water, dirt and sand, with easy access to all your gear via a wide mouth opening.

Protects contents from dust, sand, dirt and water….

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The bag has a very roomy 60L capacity, a large internal wet/dry pocket and front weatherproof zip pocket; this waterproof holdall is the perfect for many activities including camping, sailing and multi sports or even just as a travel bag you can trust

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And don’t worry if it gets wet, because the welded seams and Fold Seal System™ with hook-and-loop fasteners work together to make this sports bag 100% waterproof and suitable for quick submersion.   The Roll neck sealing system also very simple and quick to use and means you can easily create the dry environment inside the bag quickly when needed.

The features that this Duffel bag boast are extensive and thorough to say the least, I was actually taken back by the level of detail that Over Board have put into making there products…impressive.

  • 100% waterproof holdall with Fold Seal System™ – Class 3 – IP66
  • Waterproof front zip pocket – Class 2 – IP65
  • High Visibility PVC tarpaulin so can be seen day or night
  • Quick release loop for quick access to the compartment
  • High frequency welded seams
  • 2 x end haul handles
  • 2 x Front and 2 x back light reflective strips
  • Top carry handle with hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Protects contents from dust, sand, dirt and water
  • D-rings for multiple attachment options
  • Emergency front whistle buckle
  • 4 x heavy duty attachment loops
  • Internal wet / dry pocket
  • Internal side mesh zip pockets
  • Super durable base
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Heavy duty and durable materials for rough usage
  • LED light attachment loops

The one thing that becomes completely clear when using the Overboard Duffel bag is how you have managed with out it.  The whole issue of putting all your items in separate dry bags and keeping everything out of the elements is a thing of the past.  Obviously you still have load up the bag and make sure its sealed but it does give the opportunity to be a little lazier and chuck everything in there with the knowledge when it comes out it will be the same as it went in.

If you were wild camping then the duffel probably wouldn’t suit as your world is on your back generally but for a base camp then this comes into its own, I know moving forward that I certainly wont be setting up camp without one of these..

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For more about Over Board visit: Over Board web site

Waterproof Dry Tube 20 Litres

Just like the duffel bag we have been looking at, the dry tube comes in a number of styles and sizes to suit a multitude of activities.  The one we have been looking at is the Pro Vis version again, bright and bold so you will be seen whenever you are using it.

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In Over Boards typical style the dry tube will keep water, sand and dirt away from your prized possessions with the OverBoard 20 Litre Pro-Vis Orange Dry Tube Bag, a perfect medium size bag for clothes and smaller valuables.  Thanks to welded seams and trusty Fold Seal System™, this 100% waterproof Dry Bag is suitable for quick submersion and even floats when dropped in water which is ideal if your taking it on your Kayak or just trying to cross a river.

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These things really are built for the long term from tough tarpaulin, this waterproof Dry Bag is built to last and easy to wipe clean, meaning it can take a bit of a beating. You can hold it by the sturdy grab handle or sling it over your shoulder with the removable shoulder strap – the choice is yours.  Where ever your adventure takes you the Dry bag can follow.

Over Board Dry Bags WalkHikeClimb

High Visibility PVC tarpaulin so you can be seen day or night and with 4 large reflective strips you wont be missed….






The other point worth mentioned with these dry bags is they come in a plethora of sizes and colours so you can taylor your bag to the type of activity you pursue.  The one we have been looking at was the 20 litre Pro Vis version but there are lots of options.

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I feel we have only really seen the tip of the iceberg with the Over Board products we have looked at and I have to confess to a burning desire to look at some more of the various products on offer. If you are in the market for a waterproof bag for just about any outdoor activity then really Over Board is your one stop shop to fulfill those needs. Overall another great product from Over Board and something else that will be on my list of kit I need to take with me when heading for the hills


Over Board Dry Bags WalkHikeClimb

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For more about Over Board visit: Over Board web site

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