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Rab Zero G Jacket Review

Rab Zero G Jacket Review

The Rab Zero G Jacket Review:

When we get new outdoor gear arrive in the post I am always that little more excited to dive in there if I know there is a jacket within.  Call it a weakness of mine but I do love to get new jackets to try out.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb








I have owned dozens over the years, some have been truly great and some the other end of the spectrum but I still have that giddy interest to see what the next incarnation is like.  So when the new Rab Zero G jacket fell into my lap I was rather excited to see what it was all about, I mean 1000 fill power in a jacket…is that even possible?

So when you look on Rabs website at how they describe it they say “Our new Zero G jacket is the quintessence of our down expertise, representing our heritage in creating the best down clothing and equipment for climbers and mountaineers. “.  I hear you Rab I really do but how good really is this jacket.  Having hammered a Neutrino endurance jacket in all conditions I cant see how they can better that.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

The result is a game changer, the Zero G combines the highest quality 1000FP down with ultra fine Pertex® 7d Quantum fabric, resulting in an unsurpassed weight-to-warmth ratio. …










All About RAB...

Rab Carrington built his company on two things: A deep understanding of what climbers and mountaineers need, and a commitment to practical gear that works.

It’s this down to earth, honest approach that still informs the design and testing process linking us firmly to that modest beginning in 1980’s Sheffield. Those same qualities of innovation, integrity and function have endured, remaining at the heart of the Rab® brand today.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb


Throughout the 1970s, Rab Carrington was a key figure in the world of climbing and mountaineering.

He spent much of this time on groundbreaking expeditions across the globe, graduating from winter climbing in his native Scotland to first ascents in the Alps, the Andes and the Himalayas. Rab’s style of innovative thinking and gritty determination can be seen in his abridged logbook of the time.

  • 1968 -FA – The Pin (E2), Cairngorms, Scotland.
  • ‘A sustained and futuristic route’ as described by the BBC.
  • 1968 – FA – Pinch Direct (E3 5c), Etive Slabs, Scotland.
  • A terrifying and committing granite friction slab pre-sticky rubber.
  • 1969 – FA – Felo de Se (E2 5c), Stach Pollaidh, Assynt, Scotland.
  • 1972 – FA – Cramming (5.10d), Yosemite, California, USA.
  • Wasp (5.9+), Yosemite, California, USA.
  • Strangers in the Night (5.10b), Yosemite, California, USA.
  • 1975 – FWA – Rouse – Carrington Route on the Pelerins, Chamonix, France.
  • Actually the FWA of a 1944 Rebuffat / Terray Route, it is now a sought after winter classic ice route in the modern style.
  • 1976 – FA (attempted) – Aguja Volonqui (c2200m), Patagonia (climbed within 200m of summit)
  • 1976 – FA – Travesía Cresta Sur, Patagonia.
  • 1977 – FWA – Gargoyle Wall (VI 6), Ben Nevis, Scotland.
  • Helped to introduce modern mixed climbing to The Ben.
  • 1978 – FA, Alpine Style – Jannu (c7710m), Nepal. Brian Hall, Al Rouse and Roger Baxter-Jones. The first ‘alpine style’ ascent of a mountain.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb


In 1980 Rab moved to Sheffield with his family and started making use of his experience crafting down sleeping bags and clothing for the climbing community. Demand grew and eventually Rab outgrew his attic and moved to a factory in Sheffield where he built on his reputation for making no-nonsense, hard-wearing gear.

The Andes Jacket was developed in the 1980s and has lasted as part of the range today. Amid the birth of Rab’s daughter and the starting of the brand, he still managed to put up impressive first ascents on the Peak gritstone.

  • 1980 – FFA – Double Top (E4 6a), Beeston Tor, Peak District, UK.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb


In the 1990s Rab used his extensive experience to develop the Vapour-rise™ system with fabric partner Pertex®. The Vapour-rise™ system still forms a cornerstone to the Rab softshell range.

The 1990s also saw the development of classic pieces like the Kinder Smock, the Peak Smock, and the Down Pour Jacket. The expedition range of sleeping bags started with the Premier Sleeping Bag.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

2000S – 30 YEARS ON

The early 2000s saw Rab using some of the lightest weight materials available combined with revolutionary new insulation technologies.

2001 was the beginning of a long development relationship with Polartec® materials. A relationship that is still critical today.  In 2007 Rab retired and handed over ownership of the company to Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd.

  • 2007 – Redpoint – New Age Traveller (8a), Mallam Cove, Yorkshire, UK.
  • Rab climbs his first 8a at age 60.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb


The 2010s see massive UK and international growth for the Rab brand. Iconic pieces like the Microlight Alpine Jacket are introduced alongside new and groundbreaking fabrics.

The Rab brand begins a new stage of unparalleled international growth. Longtime staff, as well as enthusiastic new staff are equally dedicated to developing the brand.

My first concern was how durable the material was because when you first try the jacket on you are struck by how light weight it is compared to all the other big fill down jackets and I do tend to put my jackets through there paces.  The Zero G uses Pertex® 7d Quantum outer fabric which so far has taken a beating on rocks and boulders and hasn’t so much as a mark on it which for something so light weight is impressive.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb





Rab say that they challenged there design team to create the ultimate alpine down jacket – super-lightweight, yet robust enough to stand up to the rough nature of fast-and-light alpine routes.  When you first pick this jacket up you really are struck by how light it is, but delicate it is not.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimbRab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

The Zero G is a specialist piece for those who truly appreciate every gram saved yet require the high standards of performance needed for dealing with harsh winter conditions. . …











Rab are always thinking about the pack ability of there clothing and the zero G comes with a tiny stuff sack which is ideal for throwing in the pack if you are saving for the summit.  I did this recently and believe me after a change in a blizzard on the summit in minus 12 this jacket was just awesome.  The down activates super quick to wrap its warm embrace around every part of your upper body just when you need it.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

The jacket features draw chords and elasticated cuffs so you can tailor the fit for your body shape although the overall fit is classed as Slim and its definitely fitted which is ideal when you consider you will have some layering underneath and nobody wants to be so encumbered they cant move.

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb






Even the front zip looks good, the yellow YKK® VISLON® front zip with insulated zip baffle against the blue pertex really does pop as they say…whoever they are…

Another winning product from Rab and for me another classic insulated down product that will no doubt be coming with me everywhere for the next few years whilst pounding the trails.

For more detail please visit the Rabs website for further information:

Rab Equipment

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb










Weight: 310g/11oz (estimate) / Pertex Quantum® GL 7d inner and outer superlight fabric / 1000+FP R.D.S. Certified European Goose Down (130g/4.5oz size L) / Stitch through midi channel construction / Down filled hood with flexible polymer peak / YKK® VISLON® front zip with insulated zip baffle / 2 YKK® CONCEAL® zip hand-warmer pockets / Semi-elasticated hem / Elasticated stretch woven cuffs / Quantum® GL Stuff sack / Fit: Slim / SKU: QDN-56

Regular Fit Garments

Designed to be versatile our Regular Fit garments are not closely fitted for cross-seasonal use and multi-layering. Garments are contoured with room for movement.

Slim Fit Garments

Our Slim Fit garments are designed to be worn closer to the body or over layers such as base-layers and light mid-layers. Close fitting for maximum performance when moving dynamically.

Expedition Fit Garments

Expedition garments are designed to be worn in colder conditions and over more layers of clothing than our other fits and as such are oversized slightly to allow for this.


Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

A rather special Zero G jacket with down of a 1000 birds, well a lot off birds at least, maybe not a 1000 but a 1000 fill power…bam..

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb






Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

I do find as I mentioned before I can get carried away with jackets.  This Zero G jacket though is something special in my humble opinion and it has become my go to insulation for winter already after a couple of uses.  The fact Rab have managed to make the material robust enough for winter climbs but so light that it feels like your holding a softshell.  The fill in the insulation as well lofts up super quick when you need it in the tight baffles around the jacket and I found in rather extreme conditions recently that there were no cold spots and it warmed me up when I needed it super fast.

I guess trying to pick fault you would say this is a jacket you wouldn’t really wear for everyday use, its just to warm for a trip to the shops.  I use a continuum hoody for those trips out in the week and although that also can cope with the mountains its more of my everyday wear.  The price also is top end at £350 a pop, but when you look at what you get for your money maybe that extra few quid is well spent.  I cant see me wanting to part with the Zero G for a few seasons if I am honest, and my usual fickle nature wanting to try the next thing out there may subside slightly with this one…


For more detail please visit the Rabs website Rab Equipment or

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

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Rab Zero G Jacket Review WalkHikeClimb

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