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Our friends at SPORTVIZ sent a pair of their superb SPORTVIZ XTS Sunglasses with a prescription insert.

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Having worn glasses pretty much all my life, I’m patently aware of how troublesome it can be to enjoy the outdoors or sports if you rely on prescription glasses to see what you’re doing.  Years ago there was nothing on the market that even ventured near to being an active-lifestyle frame or lens.  Indeed, when I was young lenses were brittle, heavy and made of glass, not the composite materials we benefit from today.

There are numerous options out there to cover most eventualities however the problem being, like most things in life, anything beyond the norm comes at a price.  It wouldn’t be uncommon to spend well in excess of £350 for a prescription pair of branded sports glasses.  The SPORTVIZ XTS ‘Core’ comes in at a starting price of £49.95!

In addition to this they’ll quote for a prescription insert, which will vary in cost depending upon your prescription type and requirements, at a highly competitive price.  The point that really grabs my attention is the fact that the insert for my SPORTVIZ XTS sunglasses is interchangeable with all of the SPORTVIZ and AQUAVIZ ‘Core’ range.

The ‘Cores’ are essentially the standard item be it sunglasses, goggles or snorkel for instance.  The insert is the customised element, specific to your own personal prescription.  This means should I want to Snorkel, Swim, Dive or Ski, I simply need to purchase the appropriate ‘Core’ and snap-in my prescription insert!

We’ll be testing the SPORTVIZ XTS in a little more detail, watch this space!  In meantime check our their website for further details.



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