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Tech 21 Patriot iPad Air Case

Impactology for the iPad Air

Yes, that’s right; Tech21 manufacture more than just cases for Smartphones!  Such as the Patriot range for Apple’s glorious iPad Air.

Tech 21 Patriot iPad Air Case WalkHikeClimb

A number of times over the last 12 months we have had the opportunity to road test Tech21 cases for I phones and iPads and this latest Patriot case certainly lives up to the high expectations that Tech21 have set.   The version we have been putting through its paces is for iPad Air which provides superior 360° impact protection for the front, back and sides of the device with a built-in Impact Shield screen protector. As we have grown to expect it is also dust and splash proof, with acoustic vents which protect all ports, speakers and microphones from water, dust and dirt.


Tech 21 Patriot iPad Air Case WalkHikeClimb

It features FlexShock™, a cutting edge hybrid energy absorbing material that absorbs, dissipates and repels impact force. FlexShock™ can be molded to fit the contours of any shaped device, with its impact protective efficiency allowing it to be ultra-thin. Our ground-breaking Patriot design provides advanced impact absorption through a shape optimization geometric ribbing structure built to exceed MIL STD 810G.516.6 with 4m/13ft drop protection…sounds very scientific but what it basically means is you can treat your device like you despise it and it will still come back looking pretty and wanting more.

BASF polymer found in bullet proof glass covers the screen of your device……

A built-in Impact Shield featuring BulletShield™, a BASF polymer found in bullet proof glass covers the screen of your device with advanced, multi-layered impact protection and a self-healing anti-scratch surface created with reflowing polymer. The Impact Shield’s anti-rainbowing feature and perfect optical clarity make it incredibly user-friendly, so no need to keep pressing the screen hoping it works.  How can you resist a case boasting bullet proof glass!
Patriot is easy-to-apply in a simple 2-part assembly with case and clip-on screen protector cassette and mechanical buttons for a tactile user experience.

Please Note: Patriot is not compatible with our Impact Shield screen protector since it features it’s own built-in Impact Shield. It is also not compatible with the iPad Air 2 which is definitely worth mentioning.

Tech 21 Patriot iPad Air Case WalkHikeClimb

•Impactology™ featuring FlexShock™ impact material
•Advanced impact absorption through geometric ribbing structure
•360° impact protection
•Built in Impact Shield screen protector with advanced, multi-layer impact protection, self-heal anti-scratch surface, perfect optical clarity and anti-rainbowing
•Built to exceed MIL STD 810G.516.6 with 4m/13ft drop protection
•Dust and splash proof acoustic vents protecting all ports, speakers and microphone vents from water, dust and dirt
•Dust covers for all ports
•Access to all features of iPhone
•Exceptional audio quality

I am always tempted by the shiny and exotic looking designs that some manufacturers dream up but generally I always gravitate back towards a case that is going to offer really reliable robust protection.  Lets face it. these cases have to be good for me to take my iPad out into the elements away from  the security of home.

Its always difficult to find fault in Tech 21 products, but the old adage of you get what you pay for is certainly apt. It can sometimes be temping to buy something of ebay for a fraction of the cost that has dazzling looks but a month or so using a cheap imitation could leave you with a much bigger bill in replacing the device in the end.  And Tech21 cases don’t fall down on aesthetics either with that simple but effective design that you know you can trust…

Checkout their homepage for further details:

Homepage: Tech21

Tech 21 Patriot iPad Air Case WalkHikeClimb

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